1.    Career & Life Skills Training

SCAFE has partnered with community businesses, schools and organizations that will provide education and training for men and women on the following topics:
    • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
    • Work Ethics (Getting and keeping the job)
    • Work Attire
    • Communicating Effectively
    • Education Track (High School Completion, Trades Program, Higher Education)

2.    Community & Volunteer Involvement

With support from the community, SCAFE encourages all participants to gain as much volunteer experience as possible. This is a great way to highlight their work on resume’s, and it also builds trust with employers, and community leaders ,while  establishing a reliable character reference, and demonstrating the importance of consistent work history.

3.    Suited for Success – Clothing Donation Station

Giving a second chance to make a first impression is what we want for SCAFE participants, as they enter into the workforce. Suited for Success provides attire to assist men on their journey.
SCAFE encourages positive self-image and understand that the first impression has to be the best impression; at SCAFE we specialize in providing second chances for men to make a first impression.  Our partnerships and community clothing donations help to provide an added benefit for our men and women.

4.    Mentoring – Peer Mentors

SCAFE works to team participating members with individuals who have been successful at turning their lives around.  The peer mentor serves an important role in the transition process.