Emanuel Price

Executive Director

Emanuel Price is the Founder and current Executive Director of S.C.A.F.E. He is currently leading this team in developing key programs and resources that will help reduce criminals going back into a destructive lifestyles after being released from jail or prison. To get more information please read his story here…

Elise Schumock

Education Coordinator

Elise Schumock coordinates the curriculum for the various workshops that S.C.A.F.E. offers.  She has been working in education in the Los Angeles area since the year 2000, first as a Latin and Greek teacher, and more recently as a private tutor and homeschool teacher of most subjects.  She earned her BA in Classics at Whitman College, and her MS in School Counseling at California State University, Northridge.  She is also the C.E.O. of Teen Tech Team, a non-profit that partners teenaged volunteers with senior citizens to help them learn to operate their personal technology more effectively.  Elise was drawn to S.C.A.F.E. because of her commitment to strengthening individuals through education, and strengthening community through connectedness.

Lino Pavon

Team Member

Lino Pavon is a law enforcement officer who believes second chances are for everyone. Lino became involved with SCAFE after meeting many people in Portland’s streets who are truly dedicated to change their lives around and be part of society. Lino understands the struggles of many people in the lower social economic neighborhoods of Portland and wants to be a liaison to help individuals be successful as they re-enter society. Lino is a graduate of Westwood College School of Criminal Justice and is a current full time law enforcement officer with the City of Portland.

Wynona J. Lowe

Team Member

I was born in Yuma, Arizona, and raised in Parker, a small city on a Navajo reservation. I am the second youngest child of ten siblings. My father moved the family to Portland, Oregon in the summer of 1966. In the fall, I attended Boise Elementary and thereafter, Jefferson High School. I love reading, music cooking, eating, and gardening. I live in Northeast Portland with my husband, and we enjoy visiting and entertaining our children, grandchildren, and other family and friends.

As a teenager, I enjoyed singing in churches and school choirs, as well as performing with my sisters up and down the west coast. I inherited my musical talent from both parents. My love for learning and my servant’s heart, however, was a direct gift from my mother who passed away when I was 4 years old. Before she passed however, she was renowned for feeding strangers who were down on their luck. Sometimes, an injured hobo miscalculated the distance, as he hopped to or from the train [we lived a stone’s throw away from the railroad tracks]. Often, it was the homeless needing a warm coat or a sympathetic ear. The advent of these gifts, talents, and love of learning, shapes the core of who I am today.

After graduating high school, I matriculated to Whitworth University in 1971. I graduated in 1975, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences and minor in education. In 1985, my three children who now, were school aged, afforded me the time and opportunity to return to school. I earned my Oregon Teaching certification from Portland State University in 1986. That fall, I began my teaching career with Portland Public Schools, which spanned 22 years. I taught high school social studies and vocational education, until I retired in 2008. During that time, I earned my Master of Arts in Education and an Oregon Administrators licenses. I currently work as University Supervisor at Concordia, a part-time position I have occupied since 2009, and as an online instructor in Concordia’s new M.Ed. program.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed success in a variety of areas. Owing to my commitment towards on-going personal and professional development, I graduated from Capella University on March 15, 2014, earning my Ed.D in Education Leadership and Management. The experience provided an invaluable opportunity to explore senior leaders, middle leaders, and leadership models for effectiveness and improvement for the 21st Century, and beyond.

My career has been both challenging and rewarding, yet I still have a desire to face new challenges with greater responsibility that will allow me to demonstrate my full potential. In return, I offer commitment to improving the human condition, to integrity, and a vast amount of personal and professional experience that will prove beneficial to your organization, and the Portland community, as a whole.