SCAFE works to reduce the rate of recidivism by providing support services to promote employment, empowerment, and community engagement for men and women in transition because Second Chances are for Everyone.





Our vision aims to Employ, Empower, Educate, and provide community support services to men in the Portland Metro Area, by providing real solutions for men and women who have barriers because of challenging backgrounds. We believe in second chances and starting new lives; which translate into providing individualized goal planning for each man who enter SCAFE. We encourage the community to stand with us to help create supportive community systems for men to be accountable and productive.






Career & Life Skills Training

SCAFE has partnered with community businesses, schools and organizations that will provide education and training for men and women on the following topics:
    • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
    • Work Ethics (Getting and keeping the job)
    • Work Attire
    • Communicating Effectively
    • Education Track (High School Completion, Trades Program, Higher Education)

Community & Volunteer Involvement

With support from the community, SCAFE encourages all participants to gain as much volunteer experience as possible. This is a great way to highlight their work on resume’s, and it also builds trust with employers, and community leaders ,while  establishing a reliable character reference, and demonstrating the importance of consistent work history.

Suited for Success – Clothing Donation Station

Giving a second chance to make a first impression is what we want for SCAFE participants, as they enter into the workforce. Suited for Success provides attire to assist men on their journey.
SCAFE encourages positive self-image and understand that the first impression has to be the best impression; at SCAFE we specialize in providing second chances for men and women to make a first impression.  Our partnerships and community clothing donations help to provide an added benefit for our people.

Mentoring – Peer Mentors

SCAFE works to team participating members with individuals who have been successful at turning their lives around.  The peer mentor serves an important role in the transition process.